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Saturday 30th  April
Browns Bar and Grill, Towyn, 9Pm
Saturday 6th May
Porthmadog Yacht Club, 9PM
Sunday 7th May
Fun Ship Outside event, Llanachamor, 1-4pm
Friday 12th May
Oakfield, Towyn, 9pm
Saturday 12th May
Sandy Cove, Towyn, 8:30pm
Sunday 14th May
Wackado LGBTQ Pride Avent, The Station Colwyn Bay, From 7PM
Friday 19th May
The Mulberry, Conway Arena, 8:30pm
Saturday 20th May
The Sands, Blackpool, 8:15pm
Friday 26th May
Olivers bar, LLanddulas, 7:30pm
Saturday 27th May
Canbrian Coast Holiday Estate, 8:30pm
Sunday 28th May
Palins, Towyn, 8pm
Friday 2nd June
Coast Bar, Robyn Hood, Prestatyn, 8pm
Saturday 3rd June
Dyffryn Seaside Estates, 9pm
Friday 16th June
Last orders, Stoke, 9pm
Saturday 24th June
The Beach club, Llanddulas, 8:30pm
Sunday 25 June
Carla Gran Haven, Blackpool, 9pm
Friday 5th June
Presthaven Sands, Prestayn, 9pm
Monday 10th July
Thornwick, East Yorkshire, 9pm
Tuesday 11th July
Reighton Sands, Filey 9pm
Wednesday 12th July
Seton Sands, Scotland, 9pm
Thursday 13th July
Berwick, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 9pm
Monday 17th July
Combe, Sussex, 9pm
Tuesday 18th July
Church Farm, sussex, 9pm
Wednesday 19th July
The Orchards, Clacton-on-Sea, 9pm
Thursday 20th July
Wild Duck, Norfolk, 9pm
Monday 31st July
Waymouth, Dorset, 9pm
Tuesday 1st August
Little Sea, Dorset, 9pm
Wednesday 2nd August
Rockley, Hamworthy, 9pm
Thursday 3rd August
Seaview, Dorset, 9pm
Monday 7th August
Morton Mere, Blackpool, 9pm
Tuesday 8th August
Presthaven Sands, Prestatyn, 9pm
Wednesday 9th August
Hafan Y Mor, Pwllheli, 9pm
Thursday 10th August
Kiln Park, Tenby, 9pm
Monday 14th August
Doniford, Somerset, 9pm
Tuesday 15th August
Quay west, South Wales, 9pm
Wednesday 16th August
Riviere Sands, Cornwall, 9pm
Thursday 17th August
Burnham-on-sea, Somerset, 9pm
Monday 21st August
Thornwick Bay, East Yorkshire, 9pm
Tuesday 22nd August
Reighton Sands, Scotland , 9pm
Wednesday 23rd August
Seton Sands, Scotland
Thursday 24th August
Berwick, Northumberland, 9pm
Monday 28th August
Lakeland, Cumbria, 9pm  
Wednesday 30th August
Cala Gran, Blackpool, 9pm
Thursday 31st August
Green Acers, Porthmadog, 9pm
Wednesday 6th September
Golden Sands, Lincolnshire, 9pm
Thursday 7th September
Thorpe Park, Lincolnshire, 9pm
Monday 2nd October
Thorwick, East Yorkshire, 9p
Tuesday 3rd October
Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire, 9pm
Wednesday 4th October
Seton Sands, Scotland, 9pm
Thursday 5th October
Berwick, Northumberland, 9pm
Monday 9th October
Weymouth Bay, Dorset, 9pm
Tuesday 10th October
Little Sea, Dorset, 9pm
Wednesday 11th October
Rockley Park, Dorset, 9pm
Thursday 12th October
Seaview, Dorset, 9pm
Monday 16th October
Lakeland, Cumbria, 9pm  
Tuesday 17th October
Green Acers, Porthmadog, 9pm
Wednesday 18th October
Cala Gran, Blackpool, 9pm
Tuesday 24th October
Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, 9pm
Wednesday 25th October
Hopton, Norfolk, 9pm
Thursday 26th October
Seashore, Norfolk, 9pm
Monday 30th October
Combe Haven, Sussex, 9pm
Tuesday 31st October
Church Farm, Sussex, 9pm
Wednesday 1st November
Wild Duck, Norfolk, 9pm
Thursday 2nd November
The Orchards, Essex, 9pm
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