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Ben Neal - Percussion tutor

for North Wales Drum Tuition

 "I’ve been teaching drums for the last two decades and of the hundreds of drummers I’ve tutored over the years, Katie is one of the handful that really stand out. Her boundless enthusiasm and positive attitude is fantastic to work with. Put this together with her reliability and stage craft and she is always first on my list to call. If you need rock solid drumming or powerful, soulful vocals, Katie can do it all.’’

Andy Dunlop - Travis 

“Katie’s voice is a true force of nature, it’s powerful and soulful. She has that special talent to make any song she sings sound like it is ‘her’ song alone.”

Faye Anglesea  - Head of Arts and Vocal Tutor

"After ten years of teaching, it's rare you come across such a natural voice that is stylistic and rounded in tone. Katie’s vocal ability has gone from strength to strength over the years. She started training her voice at a young age, her true potential developed to produce a unique beautiful sound. Experienced in all genres of music from Classical to Rock and Roll. Katie’s passion for music is apparent after growing up around a musical family. Confidence and professionalism is always present in Katie’s performance. As a teacher for over fifteen years in the music industry and educations section, Katie is a student who shines and will be remembered for her talent."

Joanne & Darren Howells - North West Entertainments 

"Katie Is a Star in the Making. We have been working with katie for a number of years and have seen her transform into an excellent artist who knows how to work the stage and audience alike. Katie has listened to advise given to her to move to the next level and followed through on every detail asked which has landed her touring the Uk this year performing at all haven parks as a viseting act. Her Vocal abuility and range sets her apert coupled with her willingness to work on her stage presence  and performance constantly makes her the perfect performer. The skies the limit if she carries on with the same work ethic."

Nick Kilroe -Assistant

Head Of Music LMA

 "'Katie has an astonishing voice and a real passion for performing. Katie has great confidence when performing and this helps to create captivating performances every time she is on the stage.'

Matt Riley - Head of

Music LMA 

Katie is an amazing live performer with a beautiful voice.  It is always a pleasure to watch Katie perform.  She has a confidence as a performer that is beyond her years and she has the ability to grab the attention of the audience with her voice. Katie has a great future ahead of her!'

 Vicky Edwards -  

Head of Year 1 Music LMA

"Katie is a vocal powerhouse! She is an energetic, experienced and dynamic performer who is a great asset to any project that she is involved in. Katie is professional, hard working and she is a pleasure to work with.”
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